Thursday, December 15, 2011

Boondox on the Beach, featuring Cousin Cleetus and more

Thursday, December 1st, 2011
Boondox, Cousin Cleetus, Mars, Miss Kisa, The DRP
Sickboy's Bad Habit Lounge, Daytona Beach, FL

It bears repeating that Boondox is one of my favorite music artists across all genres. I had really held out hope that he was going to be able to play at the Muse here in Nashville during his Low Down and Dirty tour, but ultimately that didn't work out (originally I got word that he wasn't booked, then a booking popped up on the Muse website, but then it disappeared again...rats!). So rather than risk missing the tour completely, I decided to take an evening away from my annual December Walt Disney World trip with my friends to head for the coast and catch his show in Daytona Beach.

I ended up booking a rental car at the Alamo inside the Dolphin hotel, which was convenient since I'd spent that morning in Epcot. I'd booked the cheapest car I could find since it was just going to be me, but since I'd arrived late in the day, the only vehicle they had left to give me was a Town and Country minivan! So on top of the omnipresent worry that something would happen to my rental car, I had the added worry that something would happen to my very expensive minivan while parked outside of a club full of Juggalos! haha


After a quick stop by my hotel to get changed and do some makeup, I hopped into my swanky whip and made the hour and a half drive to Daytona Beach.

All set to go!

I made a quick stop at Burger King, but I was really too excited to eat much. I found the venue very easily, and I'm sure that I looked really gangsta as I parked my minivan. Stupid me had forgotten to bring any cash to get into the club, but luckily the owner let me charge my admission at the bar.

The crowd when I arrived was less than enthusiastic. I'm used to Nashville shows, where most people know each other, and people just hang out in groups before the shows. But in Daytona, no one seemed to be speaking to anyone else. It was quite and empty, and no one seemed excited to be there. What a bummer! Despite everyone just sitting there looking bored, I headed right up to the barricade and staked out my spot, so I'd have a front row view of all the performances. While I stood there, a few people came and went, but no one spoke to me. There were even a couple of people who would yell "Whoop whoop!" and no one was responding except me! :-( Sad face.


The first people who played were Fur Elise, who were clearly hard rock, and were clearly oblivious about who they were opening for! At one point, the lead singer said "So who's playing tonight? What kind of crowd do we have tonight?" Oh Lord. Once a couple of people yelled out that we were Juggalos, the guy replied with "Juggalos? Is that right?" I mean for real...why would the venue book them without giving them the first clue about who they were opening for? They really weren't that bad, but should clearly have been opening for someone like Saliva instead of someone like Boondox!


Next up was a local guy whose name I didn't catch. He did a pretty good job, though I'd swear that he was lip syncing at certain points. Most of the time, it sounded like he was singing, but then sometimes I'd notice him take the mic away from his mouth, but his voice would keep singing.

So, is this was Jersey shore Juggalos look like?


Next up was Miss Kisa, who is a veteran of the Gathering and someone who gets a fair amount of support from Boondox himself. I'd honestly not listened to any of her music beforehand, but I was really impressed by her!


How she manages to perform in those heels, I'll never know


She's a badass chick, and is great at what she does. I must admit that it was a bit awkward being so close that I could see up her very-short skirt, but it's all good. I certainly hope that she plays the Gathering again so I can come out and show my support.


After Miss Kisa came The DRP. He was alright. A lot of flash and drama and enthusiasm, but at the end of the day, he just wasn't my thing.


Next up was Mars. I'm only vaguely familiar with Mars, and mainly his older stuff, so most of what he performed was new to me. But overall, it was a great performance.


He moved all around the stage, and made a lot of prolonged eye contact with the crowd. Good stuff.

After about three and a half hours and five other openers, it was finally time to get to my two most anticipated acts of the night. I was familiar with Cousin Cleetus as Boondox's hypeman, so I was quite excited to see him perform solo.




From the first second he stepped out, he really commanded the stage, and did a fantastic job of grabbing everyone's attention. He has a very unique sound, and one that is exactly what I like. I'm very excited to see where his career takes him, and I'll certainly be among his new fans.

Finally it was time for the main event.


I love love love Boondox's music, and his live performances don't disappoint either. It really was too bad that the crowd didn't seem more excited about his performance.

WAKE THE FUCK UP! OMG This guy was falling asleep through Boondox's entire set

There was only one line of people standing directly at the barricade, with no one immediately behind them, then the rest of everyone was keeping a fair distance from the stage. I felt kind of sorry for him because he was giving us a performance equal to or better than the Gathering, yet no one seemed to care, except for me of course :-)






I was very happy to hear his two newest songs, Abadon and Monster, performed live right alongside his older stuff. He moved continuously around the stage, but didn't really seem to engage those of us who were standing right up front very much. Despite that, the show was fantastic, and well worth the time and effort to make it to Daytona Beach.

After Boondox was done performing, the lights came up and he made his way to the edge of the stage to hang out for a while.

This guy had him sign one of the infamous "I love Waffle House" shirts from the Gathering

He signed a bunch of autographs and gave a bunch of daps...


...and even obliged me with a self portrait with him! Not surprisingly, the crowd scattered very quickly, and no one hung around at all after the show. So since there was nothing going on, I quickly jumped back into my soccer mom mobile and made my way back to shiny, happy Disney World.

And so ended the last show I'd make it to in 2011.

I'll be doing one more blog entry as a recap of the year, then I'll keep motoring full force ahead into the new year with the same "12 live shows in 12 months" goal as this year.


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