Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Axe Murder Boyz at the Muse

Thursday, June 30th, 2011
Axe Murder Boyz, Stitchmouth
The Muse, Nashville, TN
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A mere 6 days after the Boondox and Blaze show, it was time to head back to the Muse to hang out with the fam at the Axe Murder Boyz show. I put in a full day at work, and headed over to briefly visit with Pamela where she worked before heading to the Muse. I had tested out a batch of Faygo orange cupcakes, which she and Nick both ended up really liking. Once I headed out from there, I was off to the Muse, arriving at 7:07. Of course, since I was seven minutes late, Dennis had to hassle me about being late! :-) Brandon, Amber and Vikki were all hanging around, but not too many others were there that early. I gave out some cupcakes, and they seemed to get rave reviews, though I think they are a little step down from the Moon Mist cupcakes.

The vast majority of the early evening was spent sitting out on the Muse patio and chatting with everyone, as well as a saunter over to the side door where Bonez and Otis were hanging out with everyone. We popped our heads inside the venue for a bit here and there, but didn't watch any full sets until it was time for Stitchmouth.



Once Stitch took the stage, most people in the area headed inside the venue to check him out. Stitch really is a great performer, and is very entertaining. I must say though, this was the first show I've ever been to where I had to dodge pieces of a Bible that were flying around, but hey, to each their own. I also noticed that the bald guy from SGF was Stitch's hypeman, which was cool. I really hope there's another SFG show in the pipeline some time soon!

Me and Dennis enjoying Stitch's set

After Stitch, the venue cleared out again, with most people simply hanging around out on the patio and enjoying the fun company. We did manage to get a little carried away with the goofy photo taking, but it's all good!

Vikki and Shawn goofing around

Amber with smoky ghostly things all around her

More hanging around

Brandon and Amber...awww...

Look out Vikki!!

When it was time for AMB, everyone headed inside, which proved that there was actually a really good turnout, even if you couldn't tell from the crowds for the openers!

Everyone waiting for AMB to go on

The only other time I'd seen AMB was a very brief glimpse seen while waiting in line, when they were opening for ICP in January. They were also supposed to have opened for the last ABK show I went to, but Otis had had to rush home that night. So I was curious to see a full set of theirs, especially when they were the headliner. Once they hit the stage, they were pretty good...not the greatest group I've ever seen, but they were solid enough, and I really enjoyed the performance.


Bonez Dubb

Tearing it up, and dancing around

Both the brothers

I didn't recognize most of their songs since, honestly, I'd never listened to an album of theirs. Lots of Juggalos don't tend to like them for one reason or another, so I had just never bothered to listen to their stuff. But overall, it was very enjoyable.

Dennis, looking very ready for a 4 Non Blondes show

After the show, everyone filtered out and upstairs to the Undertones bar where we hung out until the wee hours of the morning. Once everyone was sufficiently exhausted and the ABM guys needed to move on to the next city, Dennis, Brandon, Amber and Vikki loaded into the truck, and even ended up taking Shawn with them back to the Jackson area!

The next show...it came out of nowhere! U2's 360 Tour!

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